BackCountry eBikes Storm Full Suspension


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BackCountry eBikes Storm Full Suspension! Storm G2 Full Suspension Electric Hunting Bike by BAKCOU. Are you an avid hunter that simply loves being out in the open outdoors? Hunting is a sport that can take you far off the beaten path and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But getting to your hunting location can be a bit difficult. Many hunters venture deep into the forest in search of game.

A great way to get to and from your hunting location without stress is on the back of a BAKCOU Storm electric bike. This tough and durable eBike was designed with the hunter in mind and has a lot of amazing features that we will learn more about below.

BackCountry eBikes Storm

BackCountry eBikes Storm features:

  • Motor: Bafang Ultra M620 750W/1000w mid-drive Motor w/integrated Torque Sensor
  • Battery: Extended Distance 48v 17.4ah or 21ah lithium-ion
  • Range: 40+ Miles
  • Digital Display: Bafang DP C18.UART Full Color LCD
  • Brakes: Powerful Tektro HD E750 Quad Piston Hydraulic, 203mm Front & Rear rotor
  • Suspension: BCEB GT MRK 120mm AIR front fork & RockShox Monarch rear
  • Frame: High-Grade Aluminum Alloy 6061 Full Suspension
  • Size: Medium/Large 19″ Frame
  • Stand Over Height: 30.5″
  • Seat to Floor:  36″
  • Throttle: Left Thumb
  • Wheel/Tire: Unparalleled Traction and Control Maxxis Minion 26” X 4.0
  • Gearing: Shimano Alivio Hill-Climbing 9 speed, 40t Front & Sunrace 11-42t Rear cassette
  • Steering: Wide 760mm Handlebars for Greater Stability
  • Load Capacity: 300lbs
  • Locking Ergonomic Handlebar Grips
  • Saddle: SR NEBULA Sport Saddle
  • Aggressive Skid-Proof Wide Stance Pedals
  • Colors: Matte Black or Desert Tan

Two Different Power Options

The BAKCOU Storm comes in two different power options. Hunters can choose between the 750-watt option or the 1000 watt option. Both of these options are powered by a highly rated Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor with a torque sensor.

BackCountry eBikes Storm

One of the best electric motors on the market, the Bafang is fueled by a 48-volt extended distance battery. Having this much juice will allow hunters to go up to 40 miles on just one charge!

This will let you cover plenty of ground and go where you never thought possible before. Once your battery does get low, simply return to base camp and charge it overnight so that it will be ready for another day of hunting.

Silently Stalk Game

When you are out in the field or in the woods, staying as quiet as possible is the only way you’re gonna be successful. Game animals have amazing hearing and they can hear you coming miles away if you are noisy.

While walking into your hunting locations is desirable, it’s not always practical. Instead, why not creep into your spot by riding a BAKCOU Storm? This super quiet eBike will allow you to move around in the forest without alarming game giving you a great chance at taking home a trophy animal!

Never Leave Your Gear Home Again

Most hunters rely on their gear to help them be successful. They carry around this gear but the weight can really slow them down. So many hunters leave some important items behind.

But you will never have to worry about leaving your gear home ever again. The Storm 750/1000 eBike has a load capacity of up to 300 pounds giving you plenty of room to carry your stuff.

This bike can handle heavy loads so that you don’t have to. In addition to carrying gear, you will be able to haul your game back to base camp with ease.

Lots of Options To Help Get You Down The Trail

The Storm eBike comes with many different components that help will help you get down the trail easier. This bike comes standard with an easy to read LCD display that allows you to keep up with important information like your speed and battery life.

BackCountry eBikes Storm

BackCountry eBikes Storm – A set of powerful hydraulic disc breaks helps you quickly stop when you need to, and a pair of 26 inches by 4 inch Maxxis Minion tires will help you tackle rough terrain. A Shimano Alivio Hill-Climbing 9 speed gearing system makes climbing those steep hills a nonissue. This eBike is truly one of the best ways to get from point A to point B and can handle just about any type of environment you can imagine. This bike also comes with a durable and long-lasting aluminum alloy frame that will stand up well to the elements.

BackCountry eBikes Storm

Two Colors To Choose From

You will be happy to find that the Storm comes in two different colors. The first color you can pick for your new eBike is Matted Black. The second color that you can pick is Tan. This color is optimal for concealment and will do well in the wilderness.

As you can see, the Storm 750/1000 watt electric bike was made for hunting. It’s the ability to go just about anywhere without making much noise are just a few of the things that hunters love about this bike! So if you are looking for a better way to get around in the woods, you just might want to consider getting yourself a Storm.

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