DJI Goggles Drone


  • A DJI Goggles – Micro USB OTG Cable is required when working with Spark.
  • A DJI Goggles – HDMI (Type A) Female to HDMI (Type C) Male Adaptor is required when working with Inspire 1 series.

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DJI Goggles Drone – Immersive FPV, a pair of 1920×1080 HD screens and a head tracking feature, enabling you to look at the world from above.

Now the DJI Goggles are finally released! Featuring an 85-degree field of view in full 1080p, a pair of ultra-high quality screens, and a series of intelligent flight modes, the DJI Goggles give you access to an entirely new flying dimension. The DJI Goggles are priced at $449 with an estimated ship date of May 20th.

DJI Goggles Drone

DJI Goggles Drone Features:

  1. DJI Goggles support the Mavic series (except for Mavic Mini and Mavic 2 Enterprise), Phantom 4 series, Inspire series, and Spark. Some functions have been adapted for different DJI products.
  2. HD mode: 1080p/30fps: near-field with no interference; 720p/30fps: at long range or with interference; Smooth Mode: 720p/60fps.
  3. Using the Mavic Pro, stream wirelessly at 720p/60fps and record video at 720p/120fps.
  4. For Mavic Pro with two pairs of DJI Goggles and two RCs only.
  5. The use of a spotter is essential when wearing DJI Goggles. The aircraft should not fly beyond the spotter’s line of sight.
  6. DJI Goggles can only play content downloaded from DJI drones, only videos with a resolution of 1080P/60fps or lower can be viewed via the Goggles.

Packages Included:

  • DJI Goggles Body ×1
  • Headband ×1
  • Micro USB Cable ×1
  • HDMI Cable ×1
  • Wire Clip ×1
  • Cleaning Cloth ×1
  • Charger ×1

DJI Goggles Drone

Appearance and Design

  • DJI Goggles has adopted a detachable design, making it easier to store and transport. The body weighs 495 g and the headband weighs 500 g. The total weight is close to that of a 1 L bottle of water.
  • The material of the facial cushion is soft and elastic, to maximize comfort.
  • The ultra-bright lens adopt an optical design, using a beam splitter to display an image in front of each eye, as well as polarization to prevent any image overlap.
  • A Function button and a Back button can be found below the body. There is also a knob to
    adjust inter-pupillary distance, enabling you to find the most suitable position for yourself.
  • On the left side is a heat vent with dense heat emission holes.  Below the heat, vent is a micro SD card slot, audio port, and HDMI port.
  • On the right side is the touch panel with which you can conveniently control your drone.
  • This is the headband. The outside is solid but the inside part is soft. You should find it comfortable to wear goggles for a long time.
  • It is comfortable to hold and the material seems to spread the weight evenly.
  • You may adjust the headband with this knob
  • There is a USB port integrated into the headband.
  • Before you wear the DJI Goggles, you must insert the headband buckle into the slot above the body.
  • Its easier to understand the size comparison when displayed alongside the Mavic Pro.


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